Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC)

Course For Lash Professionals


Infection Prevention & Control (IPAC)

Course for Lash Professionals


Who doesn't appreciate a bit of social proof, AMIRITE? Thank you for your patience as these sliders load (testimonial format - not mini burgers 🍔, sadly). We've received so much great feedback that we had to group them into bite-sized chunks for faster loading. Please grab a snack and enjoy your read!

Fun Fact and Weird Flex: Whenever I feel low and need an emotional, confidence or "am I on purpose/making an impact" boost, I come visit this page and have a good read. This is just a very small fraction of all the comments we've received since launching officially in 2020 (we've received literally several thousand!). That blows my mind and I am forever grateful for each and every one of you! Without professionals like YOU, positive change like this couldn't happen! Thank you! ❤️




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